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How to Follow the “Cosmic Bread Crumbs” of Life


Written By:  Sanderson Sims

One of the jewels that we are given in this lifetime is the ability to co-create with the universe.  While not everyone comes to understand that we are co-creators of our experiences, there are numerous ways to sharpen one’s awareness of it and to acknowledge the ample clues given along the way.  Actively engaging with the divine presence can enhance our lives by an order of magnitude.

As many of you know from reading my essays, I am fascinated by the idea of manifestation. Let me reemphasize that the essence of what I am exploring here is that at some point what I desire is always preceded by what I think and intend. Let’s say for example you have been struggling with a problem and you tell yourself, “I need to find a better way.” The struggle is the intent and the need to find a better way is the command. But there is no actual roadmap. 

I have found that it is very important that when the desired outcomes take place, rather than blowing results off to good fortune or serendipity, I take a moment to pause and to reflect. This moment of connecting our thought with the manifestation is called the AHA moment.  

It is here we can begin to see that maybe, just maybe, our thoughts and intentions do play a role. We begin to connect the dots with questions.  When did I first want this desire?  How long did it take for this come about?  Once observed, there is a quiet excitement and a desire to find out more. What gets supported and what does not? Where do I go to get more answers? You may begin to see a pattern at play. 

Let me give you a great example. Years ago I was reading Paul Hawken’s fascinating book The Magic of Findhorn. As I was lying on my sofa reading I quietly told myself,  “I’d really like to meet Peter Caddy, the co-founder of the Findhorn Community in Scotland.”   We’d both had similar jobs in the military. Two years later a buddy called and asked if I might put up a friend for a few nights who was visiting Honolulu. He didn’t tell me his name but said it would be a surprise. 

Several hours later I opened the door to an outstretched hand. “Peter Caddy’s the name,” he said.  Stunned, I quietly thought: “Two years…. that’s how long it had been since I had read that book and told myself how much I really wanted to meet this man.”  And, now, here he was, standing at my front door. How did that really happen? Consciously connecting these two events is what I am talking about. Everyone has had these experiences. But now you can see them through another prism.

I like to think of it this way:  The ordinary me is tapping into a larger more capable version of me.

Notice that curiosity is in itself a desire with intent, and at some point an answer will be manifested.  Once we look at the process in that light, the answer we receive will feel more reassuring, and if not definitive at least directional such as, “go this way not that way.”

As we examine answers or events, we see them in a new light.  For me it was as if some switch, that had heretofore been dormant, was now on. I saw that available and perfect parking space from a different point of view. I thought about the person who was calling me just as I was thinking about calling them. I then began to think about progressively greater levels of manifestation, ones with more and more risk.  It is said that faith is a muscle, and like going to the gym and slowly seeing changes in my body, I realized this too could be a measured investigation.  I had to move from wanting to believe, to really believing.  And I can honestly say that as the task gets larger so does the trepidation. It still does. But I now have enough evidence to see that forces I simply did not understand can be marshaled.  A door way into a whole new world was cracked open.  I began to call these forces my invisible friends. 

Taking this a step further I realized that the quality of my questions could produce answers which, if acted upon, would determine the quality of my life. That was a hugely sweeping moment. I could now see where this might lead. I could employ my new awareness tools to my life. I could examine how and when things I wanted  first appeared. I could refine my thinking.  And I could see that how I want to feel — happy, purposeful, grateful— is just as important, if not more so, than manifesting something material. 

If you have read this far then you can see that examining one’s potential capabilities from this perspective is the work of a lifetime. It is what many refer to as “personal work.” When looked at through this prism, you can easily see that revelations encountered from personal work will affect even the smallest aspects of your daily life. Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet,” said that a balanced life was made up of a quarter work, a quarter play, a quarter home life and a quarter personal work. 

From this perspective we will find that we are interested in other people who are coming to the same conclusions. Books, speakers on this, and related topics have new relevance. Why this is so important, and especially now, is that the outer world seems to be fraught with a smorgasbord of imponderables whether climate change, pandemic, war, the economy, political divisiveness social ills, you name it. There are any number of spokespeople offering constant and differing opinions and advice pinging through on your smart phone, tv, and now, even your wristwatch. What to do? Who to believe?

If these comments resonate with you, then perhaps you can simply the Universe to reveal the courses of action that are best for you, with your antennae up.  As in the Grimm’s fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel, you can follow the trail left by these “cosmic bread crumbs” and know that you are doing your personal work and on your way home. 


Photo by Burst Photos:  Farah


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