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What Is Your Best Story Going?


Written By:  Sanderson Sims

As you can see from my little essays, I like to write when the spirit moves me.  Today I felt it was time to review the stories we tell ourselves, and in turn, how they impact our lives.  It may seem simple, but the stories we live by essentially relate to what we believe, and what we believe has a large impact on the outcome of our lives. 

Pick a topic which is important to you whether it is self-improvement, relationships, work ethic, politics, religion/spirituality, you name it, and you will see:  your beliefs and opinions comprise your own “best story.”

Whether the stories we tell are absolutely true or not, our stories inform our decision making. Some are rock solid, and others not so much. 

There are many parts of the story about which we may have an opinion but simply don’t care that much about. For example, astro or quantum physics.  We can accept that the topic is extremely complex and acknowledge that discoveries are made every day.  But it may not be a subject we want to devote much energy to. We may simply accept the scientific points of view because we’d rather spend time on subjects more closely affecting our well-being.

An interesting point to ponder are those elements which we may have changed our minds about. Why?  Because these new beliefs are a new version of our present best story.  The story is alive and it can and does change, which is a part of our life experiences, wisdom and personal journey.

As elements hit closer to our own ideas of what’s important, we devote more time and effort to those. The change in climate is a good example. Thirty years ago only a few people gave it a lot of attention. Now, we could say, it has managed to become a much bigger issue. We might have believed that the earth has always gone through cycles and we as human beings had little to do with it. Now we may believe that the climate is changing, more rapidly than once thought, and it could impact our own welfare especially if we live in a coastal area. We might now believe that we can have an effect. This is an example of how our own best stories can change over time. 

Take another example: let’s look at religion, spirituality and morality. For most there may be an acceptance of a deity, a supreme being responsible for all that is. Our culture lays out for us structures, rules, behaviors and consequential results for our actions in such a relationship. For many, that’s good enough. That is the stopping point of their best story going. 

Others want to know more about the nature of that deity and their relationship. There is a craving for more detail. So, in their quest they manifest, for example, more information on consciousness, on personal power, on linkage to their concept of what the divine is about. That quest furnishes more until at some point there is an acceptance that what has been found out is now good enough — their best story going. 

We can see that perhaps those areas which provide the greatest utility to our well-being are where we devote most of our attention and energy. So now we have arrived at the question I wish to pose:

How do I insure that my “Best Story Going” is indeed really enough for me?  (Maybe let that sink in for a moment.) 

Is what I am telling myself truly helpful to my well being?  As you know my essays have dealt with manifestation, a metaphysical principal that suggests that our beliefs bring into existence certain realities. How? We don’t know. But nevertheless, we can see evidence. 

If through your own investigations and journey you come to believe that your thoughts coupled with intentions can have an influence in other than a coincidental way, then you, in some way, believe you are consciously bonding with the universe. 

From this conscious perspective your desire to give yourself your own “Best Story Going” on any topic can then set the boundaries for your own journey. And this is where I personally find it profoundly interesting because in those areas in which you want to know more, information seems to keep showing up, sometimes in the strangest ways and places, giving you deeper and deeper insights until you reach your own personal satiation point.  Intention results in an engagement of energy which leads to action. 

The interesting observation is that you can arrive at this place unconsciously because the principles of manifestation are at work whether you choose to see the connection this way or not. Slogans like, “practice makes perfect,” “no pain, no gain,” and “the harder I work, the luckier I get” are culturally ingrained in us. 

For me, the difference in these two points of view is that being aware consciously of this relationship between desire and its role in the architecture of events, even though not understood,  seems to allow for a state of being fully present.  Being able to relax, while knowing I need to move to a better place, I can rely on unseen forces that will help me get there. And, for me, that is one of my “ Best Stories Going.”


Going down this path, you might be drawn to organizations such as the Institute of Noetic Sciences founded by Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon. You might enjoy the controversial work of  Lynne Mctaggert  and the Intention experiments. You might wish to study Eastern philosophy.  You might read books from people such as David Spangler

Photo Credit:  Sarah Pflug, Burst Photos

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