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As the world comes to grips with the reality of a new global pandemic, it seems this is a critical moment to reflect.  Perhaps an interesting place to start is to consider the word “corona” itself. What does it mean?

1. A small circle of light seen around the sun or moon, due to diffraction by water droplets.  The sun’s corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse, when it is seen as an irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.

2.  Anatomy — a part of the body resembling or likened to a crown.

In the first definition, the corona appears when things have lined up during a special moment in time, such as a solar eclipse. This is certainly a historical moment of great significance.  

The mention of water droplets is included as well. Coincidentally, this virus is spread by human respiratory water droplets that become airborne.

The second definition refers to the crown.  Many of us are familiar with the crown chakra, which relates to seat of our highest wisdom and spiritual nature.  While we are being called to take action to protect ourselves and others, we must also remain peaceful and stay connected to our higher source. 

Without a doubt, stress is a huge factor in diminishing our immune systems.  With the free fall of the stock market, school and event closings, travel bans, and general uncertainty, now more than ever we must create peace within ourselves and consciously radiate this calm, healing energy to the world.   

Most of us know how to do this. We have been meditating for years and have extensive training in conscious awakening.  We are the ones we have been waiting for. Now is the time to spread a web of love and gratitude to others around the world by doing the following:

1) Pray for the courageous health workers, send them and their patients thoughts of healing love.

2) Send your goodwill to our leaders who are working to get us through this crisis.

3) Give love and compassion to our fellow global citizens in China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, and areas that are most affected. 

A friend and I were discussing the quarantine. Even though she has not been diagnosed with, or exposed to the virus, she told me how much she is looking forward to a break and a chance to slow down.  

Isn’t this exactly what so many of us are seeking?  A “staycation” instead of a vacation. Here is a chance to nurture ourselves at home, make delicious and healthy food, exercise, care for our souls, and reconnect with our families and with what matters most. 

Now is a time to do that writing, painting, singing or any of those creative and artistic pursuits we have been putting off. Or the ones we don’t want to do, such as cleaning, organizing and removing clutter from our lives.

For anyone who is uncomfortable being alone or anxious about social distancing, never fear!  We are more connected than ever before. Many of us can work at home, watch Netflix, “visually visit” each other on our phones, and participate in as much (or as little) of the news as we can stomach.   Imagine 100 years ago how truly isolating something like this could be.

More importantly, this is a time to consider the impact that 7.5 billion of us are having on the planet. Corona virus is showing us just how fragile we are, and how fragile she is. 

The planet is showing signs of break down and is groaning from the “virus that we have become” to her.  Can we learn to make the dramatic shift between our biological needs, science, and the economy? If global climate collapse happens how we will handle that?  Perhaps we are being prepared for the even greater task that lies ahead.

No one wants to willingly give up the comforts and lifestyles we have acquired—the ability to travel the world, enjoy material wealth, and live a lifestyle not attained even by royalty a century ago. All the while, we know that this is unsustainable.

Can we live simply so that others may simply live?  Perhaps the virus is a precursor, showing us how we might learn to live in a more ecologically sustainable way on this planet. There is much to ponder in this brave, new world. Keeping our crown chakras open will be required!

— Susanne Sims, March 13, 2020                                                    Photo Credit:  Matthew Henry, Burst Photos