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How To Recognize Your True Powers of Manifestation

By:  Sanderson Sims

One of the greatest roadblocks to understanding how manifestation works is to first recognize the nature of what we desire, and then connect the dots as to how something comes to pass. Understanding the lag time between what we want and the eventual results can give us valuable insight into the process and a sense of confidence, faith and trust that all things work for good.   

Sometimes what we would like to happen will not manifest because of the nature of what we desire.  For example, we might truly desire to win the lottery, but so do countless others and there can only be one lucky ticket. We might want to win a sports tournament, yet there can only be one champion. Here we recognize the element of chance in the first case and the requirement of effort, aptitude and training in the latter.

Yet there are numerous other desires we have that are not subject to chance or competition, which, when put into action with high intent can create results — as if by magic.  For example, our happiness or health are not things for which we have to compete.  This discernment is highly important. We might be irritated by a condition we wish to relieve and we may not know what the optimum solution is. The answer to our need, though not readily apparent, does not have to keep us from aligning with the intent to solve the situation.  

Years ago when I was running an advertising agency I would come into the office first thing in the morning to find that I had already received numerous of phone calls, sometimes up to fifteen or so, with several classified as urgent. I was becoming exasperated. Finally, on a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home, I sat down with a journal determined to write down three ways I wanted to spend the ideal work day, weekend and holiday. 

The ideal work day had no incoming calls. If I wanted to speak with someone I would initiate the call. I really had no idea how I was going to accomplish this. I just knew that these were the conditions I intensely desired. With that, I put the journal away. In fact, I even misplaced it.

Three years later, while cleaning up my home office on another leisurely Sunday afternoon, there, hidden underneath a stack of books was the journal. Casually glancing through it, I came across my ideal goals at that time.  I was shocked to discover that I was indeed experiencing all of my ideal workdays, weekends and holidays!  My goals had been met, but how?  It seemed that my intention brought about the results whether I was conscious of it or not. Perhaps I had learned to delegate more work to others, streamline operations and step aside so that I was not the only person our clients would be comfortable going to. 

I’d had a bit of an epiphany:  had I not connected these two bookends of intense desire and outcome, I would most likely never have seen it as a manifestation. I would have just blithely gone along accepting that things worked out, but not realizing that I had been the architect.

I believe that we can all go back in our lives and find similar examples. These are situations in which we intensely wanted some kind of improvement, but did not know how it would come about.  Unknowingly, we left the door open so that the universe could aid us in bringing things into manifestation.  The lag time is often the unknowable variable. Through rediscovering my journal,  I became aware that it took three years, or perhaps less, for my desired outcome. 

The more time solutions take, the more likely we are to simply disregard that we have had anything to do with the outcomes.  I imagine that some time in the not too distant future quantum physics will be able to reveal just how our conscious intentions actually summon and organize energy and matter to act in this manner.

For the time being, it is nice to know that we have a tool that commands an operating system to manifest our desires in a way we may not even recognize.  We simply need to remember to get focused on the things that we wish to change or manifest, clarify our intentions, pay attention and give thanks when our good comes to pass. 

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