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Mini-Manifestation: Practice, Practice, Practice

I once attended a workshop with a mystic who made the pronouncement that nobody should rush to enlightenment as it would be akin to lighting your hair on fire, then running like mad for a source of water. Better to nibble away at it, like a workout in a gym, slowly building confidence that leads to a new knowing. 

I have written before about the concept of mindful manifestation.  If we need or desire something that brings no harm to others, and trust that it is being taken care of, our intention then sets into motion the potential for it to come about. We must act “as if” believing in the outcome, and moving in that direction. 

We are indeed exploring and mapping new territory when it comes to conscious manifestation. Practicing with smaller challenges helps to build our manifestation muscles and our confidence.

In a writing class I participate in, we are given the opportunity to practice writing about any subject we want. The idea is to be as spontaneous as possible. Ideas and words that are meant to prompt us are pulled at random out of a hat. My word for today is scribe to preserve knowledge and information. Thus, in the spirit of sharing, I offer this wisdom.

Several days ago, I hailed one of the some 300 plus white and green taxis which are found anywhere in this delightful community of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. As I was dropped off at the market, I reached into my pocket for my phone to check for a message.  My pants pocket, where my phone usually resides, was empty! 

I immediately realized that my phone was now en route to a destination unknown, in a nameless taxi, for which I had neither the taxi number or driver’s name.  I felt both empty and determined. I repeated to myself my mantra, “We are going to get that phone back! We are going to get that phone back!” 

Years ago, I had written extensively about having “invisible partners” in other realms; forces of good that we could call upon to help build our dreams and direct our lives. This was a conscious construct of how expanded consciousness works — and today was going to be a real, honest-to-goodness practice session! 

The first thing I did was to assess what resources I had. My Spanglish is passable but my Spanish, which would be necessary, was in short supply. Calming down, I rushed home, jumped on the computer and opened up the Apple “Find My Devices” application which I had familiarized myself with in the past.

Viola! I could see the phone moving on the map.  But how to get it? I ran out of the house with my mate Rhoda’s IPhone, which showed me the moving target.  I thought I could quickly flag down a taxi, then employ that wonderful Hollywood movie command — “find that car and follow it!” 

However, reality set in when I noticed that the image shown on the “Find My Devices” app was stagnant for relatively long periods of time with the notice:  “Last seen 10 minutes ago”. 

It was not going to be quite as easy as I thought. Running back to the house I knew I would need to call a trusted English speaking driver who could understand what we needed to do and pitch in. 

Martin was two hours away. He was out. Antonio said he would be right up. Jumping in the car we drove to the last spot which seemed to imply on the map that the phone was located at a bed and breakfast. 

I imagined someone found it, got out of the car, and was staying there. Great, at least there would be a chance to negotiate for a reward. But we could not find the BnB. Had it moved? Nobody on the street knew. 

Antonio tracked down the BnB owner by phone and was given the new location.  Soon we were heading in that direction. However, the tracking app no longer indicated that my missing phone was at the BnB. Instead, the GPS had shifted to a tiny, winding, dead-end road, somewhere far out in the hinterlands.  There was only one, very obscure way to get to this road. 

Antonio, eager to rescue my phone, tried to blaze another route — believing he knew another way.  However, that proved unproductive.

On the bright side, the dot showing the location of my phone seemed to be stationary. At the same time, I was running out of charge on Rhoda’s IPhone. I attempted to use Antonio’s charger, only to discover it was not compatible. Back to the house we rushed to get a cord that would work, all while the missing phone continued to appear stationary. 

Antonio finally figured out how to locate the lone entrance to this windy narrow road. Half way up he stopped an elderly lady and inquired with her. She confirmed that a taxi driver lived up towards the end of the road. A few more twists and turns and then an open field appeared. There, in tall grass, we found parked a green and white, empty taxi.  

Eventually, through a series of encounters with several other individuals, we found the home where the taxi driver lived. He was understanding and immediately came out to open the door of his taxi.

At the same time, my IWatch suddenly lit up with a comforting message: “device located”.  Good news from my “divine friends”! 

I opened the back door of the taxi, but saw no phone on the back seat or floor. Then I knelt down, stuck my hand under the seat, and experienced that wondrous, tactile feeling of hitting pay dirt.  In my hand was that familiar feeling of my phone’s leather cover.

Calming down, I did a mental  image of a fist in the air with the affirmation of “Yes, yes, yes!”  At a deep level I knew that this had not been a lucky coincidence, but a conscious practice session of manifesting the return of the phone.  

To some it might have been considered luck.  However, I knew it was conscious manifestation and it felt good to practice, once again. 


Sanderson Sims, September 27, 2019

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