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Acquiring One Indispensable Tool

Written By:  Sanderson Sims 

Lately, a doctor friend of mine whom I had been out of touch with, popped back into my life and turned me on to the Michael Reccia Joseph material, a series of channelled books. They provide a fascinating macro picture which I find myself resonating with.  This material deals with the big and enduring questions in life:  Why am I here? Where am I going? Who am I ?  Where did I come from?

Our culture which includes religions, history, science and philosophy offers an array of answers to these big questions. But which answers are enough, true, or believable? Many answers are beyond proof.  Even so, they form the strong beliefs which we carry throughout our lives.

Dr. Raymond Moody, a psychiatrist, and long time student of the paranormal who has written many books on the near death experience was conducting a seminar I was fortunate enough to attend many years ago. He taught logic at one time and said that with many beliefs the “believer” and the “dis-believer” are one and the same: Neither could prove their point of view. When asked about his beliefs, he would say, “I am a non-believer,” meaning I don’t know.

We all live with many beliefs and if we are open-minded enough to examine them, they can change when we encounter a better or more useful set of beliefs. So what goes on here? I maintain that we “resonate”with certain patterns and are content to live our lives accepting those non provable patterns because, no matter what,  there is still a great mystery to everything. And since we need to function day to day, each of us comes to terms the best we can with accepting the mystery and learning to navigate within it.

The one indispensable tool that I believe has served me greatly in this life is keeping an inquisitive and curious mind.  This has also led me to a fascination with the concept of manifestation.  I have been writing about manifestation here for a while because, although we may not understand how something works, if we connect the dots enough times we begin to see a pattern.  

The Universe seems to have a response mechanism built into our wants, desires and needs. It responds to our emotional states as well as our mindsets.  Therefore, it is critical to understand what is in our subconscious and our conscious minds.  The Universe is made up of energy, of which we are a part. Within its matrix are contained the laws of attraction and intention, which play a key role in creating a meaningful life. 

In 1926 “The Science of Mind,” a book by Ernest Holmes was published.  A year later, Holmes founded  a movement called Religious Science which promotes the philosophy that there is a science of relationship between humans and God.  Today this movement is called Center for Spiritual Living and instruction in this philosophy includes foundational classes in manifestation, as a means of understanding how it is that we operate in a co-creative universe.  The classes are essentially “thought classes,” teaching one how to harness the power of the mind and emotions to visually demonstrate one’s intentions and desires.

Once we see enough of this pattern express itself, and we begin to see our intentions materialize, we often move on and begin to desire things beyond the material world.  We crave insightful information about the grander questions in life and may discover that it is the qualities we wish to attract into our experiences which benefit us the most.  For example, we may want to focus more on manifesting certain states of being — happiness, peace, joy, contentment, compassion, etc. 

Years ago, when I found myself yearning for better explanations to the enduring questions of life,  I was drawn to the Seth material written by Jane Roberts. I really resonated with these books.  For me, perhaps there is a standing curiosity in this metaphysical area which I believe is my overall manifestation conduit.

At the end of the day, desiring the best answers to questions you have and then being open to the answers, no matter what the source, is a process that can benefit everyone. I have found it to be my most indispensable tool.


Photo By: Christian Murillo, Burst Photos

Edited By:  Susanne Sims

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